"I have been to many presentations, Arto is a fine presenter and I am so pleased that I came out"

"Absolutely wonderful"

"Well done, especially the personal testimony of the speaker"

When I first met Arto I was very impressed. It was something about his dynamic, caring and fun loving way that just drew me in. He is knowledgeable, coming from a place of real life experience, which is ultra evident if you've ever had the pleasure to engage with him in person. Arto is genuinely passionate about helping people live the best life possible and I find his approach energizing and refreshing. It's like you can tell him anything and not be judged, and know that when you share your dreams and fears with him, that they will be held in confidence. If you're looking to make some positive change in your life and want a confidant to help you reach that goal, you've found him! "

Michelle P,

I had the opportunity to work with Arto during a community practicum for my university. He was my supervisor, and as such, he provided guidance and instruction, as well as creative input regarding my practicum goals and the projects that I was tasked with. Arto is a great communicator and motivator. He is articulate, resourceful, personable, and also very optimistic. Arto helped to create a memorable and valuable experience, and the practical tools that he shared, such as the mind map technique, has become a strategy that I often refer to when engaging in new projects.

Ashley G,

I met Arto through one of Toastmaster’s groups near my place because I didn’t have any confidence in speaking in front of people and I wanted to learn how to deliver my thoughts clearly and precisely. Arto helped me prepare for my first speech in the Toastmaster’s group as well as for my interview for physiotherapy schools. (more…)

Kaz K,